In addition to monetary contributions, we will graciously accept gifts of goods and/or services.

Hygiene Items - Our Street Outreach Program distributes hygiene items to our homeless clients and other who may be in need thoughout the year. Travel sized items are particularly helpful.

Clothing - Our Street Outreach Program distributes winter clothing, blankets and sleeping bags during the winter months. Socks, t-shirts and other clothing items are needed year round.

Cell Phones - We participate in a cell phone recycling program which allows us to receive a donation for every cell phone you recycle with us. 

We will also accept medical equipment, medical supplies and furniture to the extent that we can distribute those gifts to those in need in a timely fashion.  OCHC has limited storage available for furniture and other items that might, indeed, be beneficial for our clients/patients.  Please do not be offended if we are forced to turn away your gift for lack of storage options.

If you have these or other items you think would be of benefit to our clients/patients, please call Colleen at 414-374-2400 or a send an email to  Please do not drop off contributions without contacting us first.