You may have noticed Outreach Community Health Centers’ life-saving work in the community recently, because it has been featured in the local news over the last several weeks.  Over this last month, staff from outreach played a lead role in housing 20 of the people who were living under the bridge at 6th and Clybourn.  They are still working to house the rest before the authorities move to arrest those left behind. 
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As seen on TV, the homeless are reduced to a collection of tents, a pile of blankets, or a cart full of clothes.  They don’t have faces or voices that tell their tales. In truth, each is a unique person with a story to tell of unimaginable trauma or unexpected misfortune or insurmountable challenge.

Alex’s mental illness left him highly unstable and he would never stay put in the temporary shelter we arranged for him while we searched for the supportive housing environment he needed.  As he moved from shelter to Emergency Detention to the streets and back, PATH Case Managers trailed behind him with clean clothes, food and pleas to come in off the streets.  It took over 9 months to pull together the supports he would need for long-term safety and stability, but then the pieces quickly fell into place. One day, we got him a referral to Milwaukee County Crisis Stabilization, 6 days later he was placed into a long-term Community Support Program, and 2 days after that he was approved for income support.  After 288 days of enrollment, Alex finally had access to the housing, income and long-term mental health support he needed.  He had not yet turned 23.



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Take “Alex” (we never use real names).  When we met him, Alex had been living on the streets with brief stays in shelter or Emergency Detention for almost 7 years.   Abused and neglected by drug-addicted parents, Alex began staying for days at a time with friends or on the street.  When he simply failed to return home at some point, his parents didn’t even bother looking for him.  He was 15 and had been homeless ever since


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