Community Services

Programs and services under the umbrella of Outreach’s Community Services Division are part of what distinguishes Outreach Community Health Centers from other area Federally-Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) in the community.  Although Community Services programs may come with some restrictions regarding who qualifies for service, all are open to anyone in the community – regardless of where they receive health or behavioral health services.
Outreach’s Community Services programs are intended to be dynamic and responsive to community needs as these arise.  Some have been around since our beginnings, while others have been established in more recent years as the needs of our community have changed.
One thing all Community Services programs have in common is that each is offered free-of-charge to those in need.  Most receive financial support through one or more governmental programs, but virtually all also require some level of charitable support from the community to endure.
Current Community Services programs include:

Homeless Services – Include Street Outreach to the general population of persons experiencing homelessness, Rapid-rehousing for homeless families and individuals, and PATH, which provides outreach and specialized case management to individuals experiencing homelessness and one or more behavioral health disorders.
Specialized Case Management and Service Coordination – Include programs that provide long-term or short-term case management and service coordination to those seeking assistance with emergent concerns and those needing a more intensive level of services to manage acute and/or chronic mental and/or behavioral health disorders.
HIV Services – Include a Linkage to Care program which provides support and medical case management to HIV+ individuals.
Benefits Assistance – Offers specially-trained staff to help patient, clients and others in the community gain access to an array of benefit services for which they may be eligible.