Homeless Services

Services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness formed the foundation for Outreach Community Health Centers’ original mission. They remain a core part of the organization’s identity and add up to a large share of the unique contributions Outreach makes to the Milwaukee area community.
The skill and expertise exhibited by Outreach’s staff in the homeless services division has been recognized at the local, regional and national level. Members of the team are now regularly involved in training the Milwaukee Police Department’s Homeless Outreach and Crisis Intervention teams, and received a Special Recognition Award in December of 2017 from the department for their contributions.
Staff from Outreach’s Homeless Services department also play leadership roles in the Milwaukee Continuum of Care, which in turn guides and governs the development and prioritization of homeless programs and services in our community. Outreach’s work in the community and our program partnerships with local law enforcement, led Outreach to be named one of three finalists for a Non-Profit Excellence award in 2018.

Street Outreach and PATH — Outreach has two separate mobile outreach teams that move throughout the Milwaukee region seeking out persons experiencing homelessness who are in need of services. Street Outreach is tasked to serve a general population, while PATH (Project for Assistance in the Transition from Homelessness) offers clinical support and specialized case management to individuals experiencing both homelessness and mental illness. Every day, these teams conduct both traditional street outreach and scheduled “in-reach” at a long and growing list of selected sites. Libraries, meal sites and transportation hubs are all traditional locations for outreach, but those experiencing homelessness have also been found under overpasses, in wooded areas, in parks, tunnels and abandoned buildings.


Rapid Re-Housing for Homeless Families — In this program, Outreach provides rental subsidy for 45 units of housing for periods that range from three to eighteen months. The length of subsidy is determined at the time of program entry, and is based on the unique strengths and challenges of each family unit.
Families come into service through Milwaukee’s Coordinated Entry system, and are provided the services of a Rental Specialist to identify and secure housing that is suitable to their needs. Once stabilized and housed, families are provided case management and  counseling services designed to help them achieve goals that will support self- sufficiency and independence, while addressing any challenges that may have contributed to housing instability.