Specialized Case Management Programs

Outreach operates a number of specialized case management programs that offer extended care to people with chronic and disabling behavioral health conditions or shorter-term support for specific health challenges.  One of these, the Community Support Program, is clinical in nature and thus is operated under the umbrella of our Behavioral Health Division.  The others are part of Outreach’s Community Services Division.
What they all have in common is Outreach’s commitment to high-quality, person-centered care that respects the autonomy and strengths of our clients.  Outreach programs are committed to achieving social justice and helping each individual achieve their highest quality of life.

HIV Linkage to Care

Linkage to Care is a program that provides intensive, short term case management to people living with HIV that are either newly diagnosed, disengaged from HIV medical care or living with HIV and releasing from incarceration. The program partners with clients to link them to an HIV medical provider of their choice, provide education and support with health care navigation, and address any barriers to health care engagement such as housing, behavioral health, transportation, insurance and basic needs. Referrals to the program largely come from The Milwaukee Health Department, HIV testing sites and Primary Care providers. The program has a partnership with The Milwaukee Health Department and has staff that work alongside Partner Services at The Keenan Sexual Health Clinic.


Targeted Case Management (TCM)
Targeted Case Management (TCM) provides a person-centered approach to individuals living in the community who have been diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness and/or face substance use challenges. Targeted case managers support each individual’s recovery by facilitating individualized goals related to physical and mental health, community involvement, employment, benefit acquisition and money management.  Case managers also make sure that individuals have safe and stable housing as well as provide crisis prevention, management and intervention.
Targeted Case Management services are authorized by the Community Access to Recovery Services (CARS) department within the Behavioral Health Division of Milwaukee County. Please contact (414)257-8095 for more information on the referral process for this program.