Outreach Community Health Centers (OCHC) provides an array of services for Milwaukee County residents, particularly those who are underinsured and uninsured.

The Affordable Care Act

OCHC is committed to the purpose of the Affordable Care Act. We have a team of trained Certified Application Counselors to assist individuals with the process of enrolling in healthcare within the Marketplace Exchange.

The Marketplace Exchange was created to facilitate the purchase of health insurance in every state in accordance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Badger Care Plus Enrollment

Badger Care Plus is a state-sponsored health care program that expands coverage of Wisconsin residents and ensures that all children have access to affordable health care.

**OCHC provides Express Enrollment for expectant mothers and children.

Wisconsin Food Share Enrollment

Wisconsin Food Share Program assists individuals with limited money buy food needed for good health. This program was created to help stop hunger and improve nutrition and health.


EBD Medicaid is a state/federal program providing health care for Wisconsin residents who ared elderly, blind or disabled. EBD is also known as Medical Assistance, MA and Title 19.

SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery (SOAR)

SOAR assists eligible homeless individuals in applying for SSI and SSDI benefits. SOAR is designed specifically for individuals living with mental health issures.
They were really nice and helpful and made me feel like there was hope for me in this troubled world.