Rapid Re-housing

OCHC operates 60 units of Rapid Re-housing for homeless families and individuals.

Milwaukee Continuum Supportive Services Project (MCSSP)

OCHC’s newest effort on behalf of the homeless is the Milwaukee Continuum Supportive Services Project.  MCSSP is a partnership with the City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County’s Behavioral Health Division, OCHC and other community-based providers, targeting homeless persons with chronic drug and/or alcohol addiction.  The program provides case management, housing placement, evidence based treatment, benefit application assistance and linkage to employment services in an effort to reduce homelessness and improve the health of this population.



Projects for Assistance in the Transition from Homelessness (PATH)

PATH is an outreach and case management program for individuals experiencing both homelessness and mental illness. This program helps consumers gain access to various services and programs that will help them transition from homelessness to sustainable housing