Women's Health Care and Family Services

Instead of going from one place to another for your family’s health services, you can get all your primary care needs met in one place at Outreach.  At any age, with or without insurance, families turn to Outreach to receive care for all members of the family.
Services include:
Women's Health Services — Outreach physicians, nurse-practitioners and certified nurse-midwives can address women’s health needs across the lifespan.  Contraceptive care, STD treatment, obstetrical services, clinical breast exams and cervical cancer screening are all available.
Other Adult Health Services—Outreach physicians and nurse practitioners can address minor illnesses and conditions, and will prescribe medications, as necessary, to help patients recover optimal health. Vaccines  and regular screenings improve health outcomes in addressing the flu, pneumonia, shingles, cervical and colorectal cancer.
Prenatal Care and Child Health Care Coordination — Outreach’s Prenatal Care Coordination and Child Care Coordination program is designed to provide supportive services and assistance to women at risk to experience adverse birth outcomes because they lack resources, have unstable housing, or experience high levels of stress and/or pressure.  Child Health Care Coordination is provided for children up to age 7 to ensure that little ones receive appropriate health services and scheduled immunizations.
Pediatric Care — High-quality, comprehensive  children’s health services are provided by skilled Family Health Physicians and Advance Practice Nurse Practitioners